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If you are looking for a team that is eager to offer its best people for your challenging tasks, then we are looking for you too. Most of our projects started by addressing unexplored Client issues, and ended by being unique implementations in our region.
We provide to our Clients highly skilled software development and engineering resources at all levels: starting with IT audit and analytics, to development and project management, ending with testing, training, maintenance and support. We comply with best practices, possessing over 700 certifications including quality management and information security ISOs.
When you partner with DAAC System Integrator, you are partnering with years of experience in ambitious, unique projects, with strong references from internationally renowned organizations.


We have the ability to promptly ramp up a team for tackling assignments of diverse complexity. A positive track record of retaining and increasing talent speaks for the productivity and continuity of our team.


Databases: MS SQL Server
Technologies: .Net (EF, ASP.NET MVC, WCF), Reporting Services, IIS
Programming languages: C#
Front-end components: HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, jQuery UI, Kendo UI, Angular 2, DevExpress Components
Methodologies & models: Agile Scrum, Waterfall model


Databases: Oracle database, PostgreSQL
Technologies: Java EE, Spring, Spring MVC, JSP, Maven, Hibernate, Jasper reports, WildFly, Tomcat, FreeMarker
Programming languages: Java
Front-end components: HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, Kendo UI, JavaScript, Less
Methodologies & models: Agile Scrum, Waterfall model
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Databases: Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
Technologies: Oracle Developer Suite: Oracle forms, Oracle reports
Programming languages: Pl/sql
Application and Web Servers: Oracle Application Server

Deep engineering expertise in

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Understanding Client needs is fundamental for project success. We have dedicated consultants who stand by our Clients to correctly define the required results, and monitor the entire path towards achieving them.

Our team developed from scratch unmatched projects in our country, such as:

The integrated information system of the National office of social insurance, consists in integrating and setting the platform for 28 independent systems and represents the largest and most ambitious IT project in Moldova
egovThe universal Governmental portal for electronic reporting, enables economic agents to submit financial and statistical reports to the central administrative state bodies through a unified interface
sitaThe State register of animals, a system that permits tracking of all records related to domestic animals
procurementThe register of Government procurement, ensures total control of procurement organization and execution
control_deseasesThe State system of control of infectious diseases, gives the ability to the National Center for Preventive Medicine to identify centers of infection diseases and undertake corrective measures
tax_payerThe taxpayer current account – helps the Chief State Tax Inspection to significantly increase the efficiency of data reception and processing, control liabilities to the state budget

We encourage you to find out more about our unique software projects.

More than 70.000 active users are operating in our developed systems. We provide daily support for each and every system developed by our team.
offering a complete digital TV experience including several interactive functions, such as multiscreen
Data City
by far the most reliable data center in Moldova is proudly hosting Google
Contact Center
enables simultaneous processing of 600 concurrent inquiries per phone, chat, email, fax or social networks
High-end ATM services
including 24/7 monitoring and advanced physical security
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Software development

Accomplishment of complex tasks, turnkey approach.
You send us the terms of reference. We analyze them and define the detailed technical requirements. Once approved, we deploy the required specialists and deliver in time. You receive a tested solution, on agreed support terms (go4-24/7).
Execution of specific tasks.
You formulate particular assignments. We develop them according to agreed standards. You know exactly what you’ll get.

Engineering support

Local services (Moldova and around)
We can take care of your global Customers in the exact manner they expect You to do this. Our Service Desk is totally based on ITIL standards. Ask for our references, our Clients & Partners will be happy to call you and share their experience with our company.
Remote services (Planet Earth)
Our technical service team is composed of deeply specialized folks as well as all-rounders. We can manage:
  • monitoring and configuration of network equipment and transfer channels (data/voice/video – CCIE in da house)
  • administration of data processing, storage and archive systems, their system software and the entire infrastructure (your data is as safe as ISO 27001 wants it to be)
  • 24/7 monitoring & analysis of real-time system event logs including ATM network, billing systems and other critical non-stoppers (red bull rocks!)
  • Penetration testing (and similar sabotage actions)
...just ask for more!
Conf-calls, presentations, references, site visits? Gladly!
You’d better ask straight for a demo task, we’ll perform it free of charge.


  • Testimonial
    Alexei Sychi, National Office of Social Insurance Deputy Chairman

    The DAAC System Integrator team consists of highly trained professionals and has all necessary capacities for realization of complex projects. The professionalism of the staff, perseverance, motivation and responsibility in the execution of the proposed tasks certifies us to continue future collaboration with this company.

  • Testimonial
    Nicolae Dorin, Mobiasbanca Prime VicePresident

    DAAC System Integrator has been awarded as the winner of multiple national tenders regarding the delivery and support of IT equipment, ATMs and related services, organized by Mobiasbanca – Groupe Societe Generale. Our cooperation has always been at the highest level, and the company’s professionals demonstrated extraordinary commitment and qualification

  • Testimonial
    Ana Coretchi, SOROS Foundation Program Director

    We are very satisfied with the performance of company specialists, and recommend DAAC System Integrator as a reliable IT partner in the modernization of educational system in Moldova.

  • Testimonial
    Evan Tracz, IREX Country Director / Novateca Program Director

    DAAC System Integrator proved to be a reliable and client oriented partner with the proper capability and expertise to transform the library equipping challenge into a smooth routine process.

  • Testimonial
    Sergiu Cazac, Moldtelecom Business Development Director

    DAAC System Integrator offers services of excellent performance in the field of telecommunication, and the achieved results highly satisfy our final users as well as our company’s top management.

  • Testimonial
    Simion Botnari, Agency of Public Acquisitions Director

    Experts of the company involved in realization of complex IT projects have shown high competence in developing the State Register of Procurement, a system designed to automate the bidding process conducted by public organizations. Company management demonstrates ability to organize and plan the implementation process, resolve and achieve all the targets set out in the proposed project.

  • Testimonial
    Ruslan Ciobanu, State company Animal Register Director

    We confirm that DAAC System Integrator, during the implementation of the System for identification and tracking of animals (SITA) has proved that has all the required resources for the accomplishment of projects of national significance. We therefore recommend this team as an IT partner for complex projects.

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